Greg Hand’s Woodspirit Carvings

Legend Of The Woodspirit : In times of old when hunters entered the forest they would knock on a tree to awaken the powerful and lucky … WOODSPIRITS! ~ His numbers are many / His sightings are few / The good Woodspirit will bring luck to you / “Knock on wood”

A text sample here from the posters and business cards of the greatest oil painting and tree carving artist in the world – that being my Dad. 🙂

A true master of nature and capturing the elements on canvas; he’s been painting oils and watercolours long before I was born. He recently started woodcarving a few years back, and ever since has gone swiftly from carving staffs and planters to his first woodspirit tree.

This is a page I’m starting to showcase some of his work. Though he is getting huge interest and offers, with nightshift work as a shunt man he puts in as much carving time as he can find. We’re still working toward getting him out there full-time as an artist; something sure to come someday soon.

The Woodspirit Tree was carved in Jackson’s Point – ON, in a lakeside neighborhood just off the shores of Lake Simcoe. It took him the entire day (without washroom breaks he says) to complete within about a half-week’s time. The polish mix of tung oil and burnt umber paint was added to preserve and help the healing process. More woodspirit art to come!


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  1. There is no question your father has a talent. I am asked by people where your dads shows and sells his woodcarvings outof.

    Great job Greg.


    • He sure is amazing! There’s been quite a few calls all around Jackson’s Point lol, but he would mainly find time for more planters in the making. One very funny story going around was the spotting of a man in his pajamas mystified in the early morning by the woodspirit tree. It’s interesting how those upward eyes of the woodspirit watch the sunrise.

  2. Greetings,

    Nice carving work! I am wondering if I could commission you to do a wood spirit carving just like this on a hiking stick if I was to mail it to you?

    Please let me know your interest level and a approximate cost for your services. I am not in any rush to have it back but want it to be carved by a true craftsmen and I have much respect for your work.

    Thanks very much & look forward to hearing back,

    Blessings – Brian

    • Hi Brian! – I’ve forwarded your message to Greg.

      Currently he’s planning to resume woodcarving in the spring of next year, and will be contacting you soon.

      His email is

      We’ve had this demo site up for him, now as he plans on starting a more detailed website by 2014.

      Thanks and we’ll check in with you! ~ Daniel

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